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JUNIOR MB - 1942

Detailed replica on 2/3 scale of this trully worldwide icon.

Jeep Willys MB, the U.S. Army standard vehicle during the WW II, was initially developed by American Bantan Company, according the Army specifications. It was later produced during the war in large scale (more than 600,000 units), both by Ford (GPW) and Willys (MB), and both with the same technical specifications, differing only in very small details.

After the war, it was produced in several civilian models by Willys Overland, and rapidly become a classic all over the world. It is still produced today in several modern versions
by DaimlerChrysler, owner of Jeep trademark, and has many fans throughout the world.

Jeep and Willys are registered trademark of Daimler-Chrysler Corporation


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Exact replica of all details and
military signs of the WW II period. Jerrycan, black-out ligth, side tools and operational extra wheels and canvas top.

Exclusive military-design tires and reversing gearbox.

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Technical specifications

Model: 1942 JUNIOR MB - 2/3 scaled
Body: glass reinforced polyester (GRP)
Lenght: 2280 mm
Width: 950 mm
Wheelbase: 1440 mm
Weigth: 120 kg
Engine: Motorcycle type, OHC, syngle cylinder, 4 srtoke, air cooled
Displacement: 107cc
Fuel: petrol
Power: 6,9 hp at 7500rpm
Starter: electric, battery 12v 7.2ah
Transmission: crow, pinion and chain
Traction: rear axle
Gears: 3, forward, neutral and 1 reverse
Clutch: semi-automatic, centrifugal
Front suspension: Independent, helicoidal springs and telescopic shock absorbers
Rear suspension: Helicoidal springs and telescopic shock absorbers
Brake: mechanical, disc on rear axle
Tires: exclusive, military-design with inner-tube
Size: 500 X 8” - air pressure: 15 lbs


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